Vince McMahon Believes WWE Took Jon Moxley For Granted

Vince McMahon and Jon Moxley are said to have had a complicated relationship during the latter’s 8-year stint in WWE. Whilst appearing on the Stone Cold Podcast back in 2016, Moxley claimed to have a good relationship with the TKO Group Holdings’ Executive Chairman and even recalled having a 45-minute conversation with him in the middle of the night whilst McMahon was working out.

However, things seemed to turn sour in 2018/19 prior to his departure from the promotion. On an episode of Talk Is Jericho following his exit, Moxley revealed Vince tried to convince him to say a line regarding Roman Reigns‘ real-life battle with Leukemia that was so bad, that it would have led to firings and the company losing sponsorships. The now-AEW International Champion refused to reiterate the proposed line on-air and claimed whoever wrote it “should be ashamed.”

Now several years on from his WWE exit and subsequent move to AEW, Moxley has opened up about the last time he spoke to McMahon. Speaking to Rick Ucchino of Bleav In Pro Wrestling, the former AEW World Champion opened up about being a reliable worker throughout his time in both WWE and AEW and how Vince McMahon himself recognized WWE’s fault in the downside of that trait.

“We take a lot of pride in our work and our work ethic and the standard that we set ourselves to,” Moxley responded. “The way we do a job is to be one of those guys, that’s reliable, always there. The downside is it’s very easy to take you for granted and the last conversation I had with Vince McMahon, he straight up told me, ‘We took you for granted.’ It is a tough job. I got a lot of experience, I’m very comfortable doing stuff that a lot of other people might be intimidated by.”

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