Pollo Del Mar: ‘The Future Is Very Bright For Sonny Kiss’ – Exclusive

Earlier this month, on September 2, Sonny Kiss tagged with legendary Exotico Pimpinela Escarlata in a successful match against BUSSY. The epic confrontation took place in the main event of Effy’s Big Gay Brunch 7. To say the crowd was hot throughout the match would be an understatement. The arena really went crazy when Kiss showed her strength by delivering a stalling Gorilla Press Slam on the 225-pound Effy for a near fall. Following the match, Effy cut a passionate promo praising the trailblazing efforts of his opponents, bringing Kiss to tears as she sat in the corner.

The emotional moment took on more meaning a few days later when it was revealed that AEW decided not to sign Kiss to a new contract. On the latest Haus of Wrestling episode, Paul Pratt, whose glamorous better half Pollo Del Mar hosted Big Gay Brunch 7, opened up about his experience around Kiss that day.

“For Sunny, this was, in fact, the first outing after finding out that she was gone from AEW or was going to be released from AEW, and I didn’t even know,” Pratt said. “I didn’t even know that when I picked her up from the airport that morning. I think it sort of started to come out during the course of that conversation from the airport back to the venue, but I didn’t know all the details. So, this was an important day, I think, for Sonny because her dreams have always been to be where she’s at, in AEW.

“That was a dream come true for her, and now, it’s going to be a very different road in that post-AEW environment for her. Where better to sort of get your feet wet in an environment where people absolutely adore you for who you are and appreciate what you bring as an in-ring competitor?”

Kiss’ future is now uncertain following her release from the second-largest North American promotion. This week, WWE held try-outs for potential new signings, featuring top free agents like Richard Holliday, but Kiss’ name was nowhere to be found.

“Whether people love Sonny Kiss or not, it’s an undisputed fact that there’s a clip of Sonny wrestling back in the days of Lucha Underground that has been viewed tens of millions of times,” Pratt said. “It goes viral every six months or so. Somebody new shares it and it goes viral yet again, and it just shows the fact that what Sonny Kiss does is so unique and so special that there is undoubtedly an audience out there for Sonny and people like Sunny.

“As somebody who just knows Sonny, I spent a weekend with Sonny back in May down in Los Angeles. We were roommates together. Sonny is just one of the nicest, most joyful, fun to be around, and kindest people that you’re going to encounter in the wrestling business, and I’ve encountered a lot of really cool people. Sonny is at the very top of that list.

“So, the future is very bright for Sonny. I’m not worried. I was I was bummed because I want my friends to be happy, and I know that it did not make her happy to get that release. But nevertheless, the future is very bright for Sonny Kiss.”

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