WWE Return Of Vince McMahon Compromised Board Member’s Values

Vince McMahon shocked both those within WWE and the wrestling world as a whole when he forced himself back onto the company’s board of directors back in January, ending his announced retirement after a mere 24 weeks. The move led to the removal of three individuals from the board as well as the resignation of two more. Now, one of those who resigned has opened up about why he felt he had to leave following McMahon’s return.

Yesterday, The LA Times released an in-depth feature on Vince’s 2022 retirement amidst several sexual misconduct allegations, his subsequent return to the company this past January, and WWE’s deal with Endeavor leading to its merger with UFC. As part of the article, former WWE Board Member Ignace Lahoud broke his silence on McMahon’s return to the company and discussed why he had to resign as a result.

“It wasn’t aligned with my way of seeing what governance is,” Lahoud said. “There was a misalignment with what my values are.” He also stated to the outlet that McMahon’s return was not done in a judicious fashion and felt the number of accusations against the former WWE CEO was disconcerting.

The article also provided comments from an unnamed source said to be close to one of the board members ousted during McMahon’s return. “He’s the kind of person who expects loyalty,” they stated, even going as far as to say the 78-year-old saw the board’s internal investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations levied against him as an act of disloyalty towards him.

Following the formation of TKO Group Holdings as a result of the merger of WWE and UFC, Vince McMahon serves as the company’s Executive Chairman, answering only to CEO Ari Emanuel. The position puts McMahon higher in the corporate food chain than even his UFC equivalent, Dana White who now serves as UFC CEO but remains the leader of the organization.