Dominik Mysterio Vs Dragon Lee Tops WWE Raw In P18 – 49 Demo

Last night’s WWE Raw episode centered on the continued tension between Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, and The Judgment Day.  The main event featured Owens and Zayn getting a rematch for their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships, but the match was mired in interference from the likes of JD McDonough and Cody Rhodes. Elsewhere on the show was a title match that felt more traditionally competitive and certainly delivered on in-ring action: Dominik Mysterio versus Dragon Lee for the WWE NXT North American Championship.

Wrestlenomics reports that last night’s episode of WWE Raw averaged 1,465,000 overall viewers, with about 562,000 of those in the coveted P18 – 49 demo. This is a 10% increase in overall viewership from the week before but a 2% loss in viewers from the P18 – 49 demo most coveted by advertisers. WWE Raw continues to see stiff competition from the NFL, whose regular season is in full swing, and Monday nights now regularly feature more than one game.

Interestingly, despite seeing a drop in P18 – 49 viewership, it was the WWE NXT North American Championship match between Dominik Mysterio and Dragon Lee that drew the most viewers in the key demo. During the sixth quarter-hour, which only featured Mysterio vs. Lee, the show drew an average of 607,000 P18 – 49 viewers, the highest of any quarter-hour on the show. This continues a trend for Mysterio as a WWE viewership draw, as his appearances on WWE NXT have regularly drawn the most viewers.

The lowest viewership came in the quarter-hour just before the main event and saw the show averaging 1,248,000 viewers overall, with about 516,000 of those in the P18 – 49 demo. That quarter-hour featured a backstage Vahalla promo, as well as the beginning of the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship main event.

The highest overall viewership came in the first quarter-hour, which drew an average of 1,643,000 viewers. By the end of the show, it was averaging 1,340,000 viewers, with about 566,000 in the P18 – 49 demo.