Dillon Danis Claims Triple H Privately Makes Fun Of Logan Paul

Logan Paul is set to return to the world of boxing for the first time in over two years later this month. The YouTuber-turned-WWE-star will face Dillon Danis on ‘The Prime Card’ on October 14th as part of a double main event which will also see Paul’s close friend KSI take on Tommy Fury at the Manchester Arena event. This marks Logan’s first boxing foray since his exhibition clash with Floyd Mayweather in June 2021, which ended with no winner being declared after the two went the distance of eight full rounds.

Ahead of the bout, Paul’s opponent Danis spoke to Ariel Helwani during the latest edition of The MMA Hour. At one point in the two’s conversation, the topic turned to professional wrestling when Danis announced his interest in appearing in AEW to confront the promotion’s current world champion MJF – who’s previously offered to appear on Logan Paul’s podcast.

“Do you know anybody in AEW? I want to make an appearance against MJF,” Danis proclaimed. “We’ve been trying to work on it and, actually, it might happen. I’d love to rip up MJF, could you imagine? It’d be great.” Danis went on to claim that the appearance hasn’t happened yet as he has struggled to get in contact with Tony Khan, but feels it would be a “perfect” opportunity to add some of the tension between WWE and AEW into his feud with Paul.

Helwani went on to question why he wanted to go against WWE. Danis clarified that he has no ill will towards the company and was a big fan of the Attitude Era, leading Helwani to ask why Danis hasn’t displayed any interest in joining the now-Endeavor-owned entity.

“F–king Logan’s part of the Karen Era,” Danis replied. “I like the old-school guys. Rey Mysterio and all these guys, they love me. They’re all back there like ‘Oh f–king Logan, no one likes him, we give him swirlies in the back.’ Triple H even said that to me!” When pushed on his Triple H claims, Danis doubled down and claimed the WWE Chief Content Officer “was there”, though it was never clarified exactly where or when the proposed conversation took place.

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