Jade Cargill Has Not Come Up In WWE NXT Creative – Exclusive

One week ago, it was made official: Jade Cargill is All Entertainment as the former TBS Champion has officially signed on the dotted line and has left AEW for WWE. Following an announcement from ESPN, the rest of the day was filled with social media photos and videos promoting her arrival at the WWE Performance Center. Several members of the AEW roster congratulated Cargill on the next step of her career, while female WWE stars sent warnings to the new arrival. ESPN’s announcement did not confirm which WWE brand Cargill will join, leading to speculation about when and where the hot, young signing will land.

Haus of Wrestling has learned that Cargill’s name has not been brought up when it comes to WWE NXT creative. In particular, I was asking around about whether she would debut next week when the show goes head-to-head with AEW and was told that idea has not been mentioned. This echoes comments Dave Meltzer made on Wrestling Observer Radio recently that the WWE main roster creative team has been working on ideas for her. It was, however, hinted to me that tonight’s NXT episode will have some kind of announcement or angle to set up something big for next week’s episode.

I also asked around about Brian Pillman Jr. and if he will be debuting on next week’s head-to-head episode against AEW. I was given the impression that no real plans for the second-generation star have been discussed beyond his buzzy vignettes.

Cargill and Pillman Jr. are not the only two former AEW stars who have made WWE NXT-related noise in the past week. On the No Mercy media call, I asked Shawn Michaels if he would welcome CM Punk into the WWE NXT mix. Michaels seemed very receptive to the idea, mentioning that he has always gotten along with Punk and sees him as someone who makes a lot of money wherever he goes.

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