Christian Cage Drops F-Bomb On AEW Dynamite

Tonight’s AEW Dynamite concluded with an extended overrun segment featuring Adam Copeland giving his first live promo since debuting with the company on Sunday at AEW WrestleDream. Copeland discussed why he decided to join AEW, eventually leading to him calling out his childhood friend Christian Cage. After Cage made his way to the ring, Copeland explained that one of the primary reasons he decided to come to AEW, at the behest of his daughters, was to join Cage. The WWE Hall of Famer also shared that he couldn’t stand by and watch Cage assault one of their childhood heroes, Sting, on Sunday. Copeland warned Cage that his allies would inevitably turn on him before laying out an invitation.

“I am here because it’s time,” Copeland told his old friend. “For the first time since 2011, for the first time properly in over 20 years, it’s time for you and I to team together again.”

Copeland detailed the teams they could face and what they had to prove together, and officially asked Cage to end their careers together as a tag team. The two embraced in a hug as Cage then gave his response.

“Go f— yourself,” Cage said.

He then walked away, the show ending with Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne joining Cage at the top of the ramp. For the time being, the two former partners will remain estranged. Copeland is set to make his in-ring AEW debut against Luchasaurus next Tuesday on Dynamite.

The overrun that saw this exchange between Copeland and Cage came following technical difficulties earlier in the show. According to AEW co-owner Tony Khan, those issues were the fault of TBS rather than the AEW production crew. The result was an inaudible video package featuring Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and The Kingdom that had to be played over again minutes later.

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