Billy Corgan Gives His Pitch For CM Punk To Join The NWA

Last week, Haus of Wrestling exclusively reported that Billy Corgan and his NWA have signed a pair of TV deals with The CW. With the news becoming public, anticipation has begun to build around what kind of product the Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman will bring to the top twenty network. One big-name free agent who continues to make waves and could help solidify Corgan’s NWA as a true competitor is CM Punk. Punk attended this past weekend’s Impact Wrestling TV taping in Chicago, but there’s no indication he will sign the AXS TV promotion.

In an interview with the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, Corgan addressed whether he is interested in getting The Second City Savior under a contract.

“We must be doing well because when the dirt sheets start writing,” he began, alluding to Haus of Wrestling’s report about The CW deals. “Let’s start here real quick on Punk. I first met Punk, I think, when he was 19 years old, wrestling at the Nashville Fairgrounds for TNA. I can’t say we’re tight, but we’ve always gotten along very well, and we have a lot of mutual friends. And there’s always been a warmth there between us, particularly as fellow Chicagoans.

“Unlike a lot of people in professional wrestling, and maybe because I know the person a little bit, I feel I understand the path that he’s taken in professional wrestling. As a fan, I wish that he had never retired. I wish he had always stayed wrestling, and I wish he were wrestling right now because he’s a super-talented guy, and like a lot of stars, there’s only one CM Punk. There’s only one guy who brings that level of heat in that way; he’s that guy. He knows it, the fans know it, and certainly, as a wrestling promoter, I know, and as a fan, I know it.

“I was there the night he won the title in Chicago with the famous banner, ‘If Punk loses, we riot.’ And Punk was nice enough that night to give me a front-row ticket up there in the front row with his friends and family. Great night. Great night, a historic and memorable night; talking about WWE, of course. So, to your question, many, many people behind the scenes have asked me, ‘Should we make a play for Punk? Have you reached out to Punk?’ And the answer is, in terms of reaching out, No.

“Because I respect him a lot. He deserves top money. He’s a top star. So, that sounds almost self-defeating. You’re almost admitting that you wouldn’t want, no, no, trust me. The NWA would go hand over fist to have Phil walk through the door and be part of the NWA. Even for a pay-per-view. Let me say this: what I would say to Phil, and I’m not trying to use this as an open forum, I’m saying to you what I would say to Phil if he and I were talking, and again, I have not reached out, and I certainly know how to get in touch with him. What I could say to him is he would have a lot of fun in the NWA.

“And I think, Phil, the person loves professional wrestling. He’s had his public confrontations or whatever. I don’t know what the word would be. He’s had his own. I don’t even know how to quantify it. Because well, because I’m very similar. You know what I mean? I got sued by a record company once for $150 million dollars. I eventually made a deal with them and continued working with them. I’ve had massive battles behind the scenes with every segment of the record and touring business, some of which aren’t public.

“Let’s just say I have a reputation in rock and roll behind the scenes. So if Phil, the person, has a rep with whoever, well, he doesn’t have that rep with me because I feel I do understand where he’s coming from. The pipe bomb promo, which is one of the great all-time promos in the history of the business, could only have come from one man. And the reason it resonated is it just came from his heart.

“That man loves professional wrestling. He may not love the professional wrestling business, but he loves professional wrestling. So my only appeal to Punk would be if you want to have some fun. I can’t pay you what you’re worth. But if you want to have some fun, come and have some fun in the NWA. We’ll kick some ass. We’ll have some laughs and, you know, I’ll buy you a vegan sandwich.”

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