Eric Young Is Shooting New TV Show Next Month – Exclusive

Eric Young has been an active pro wrestler for more than twenty-five years and, in that time, has accomplished a lot in the ring. He is a former Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion and WWE NXT Tag Team Champion, among his many other accolades. Outside of the ring, Young has also found success as a television personality. From 2012 until 2013, he hosted two seasons of the popular Animal Planet series, Off The Hook. He returned the following year to host another Animal Planet series, No Limits.

In an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview, I asked Young whether he has any other non-pro wrestling television opportunities on the horizon.

“I have very exciting news that I can’t say, but I’ll say I have another show in the works that will be airing very soon. I’ll be shooting in November,” he revealed. “I can say that it is musically based, and anyone that personally knows me or follows me on Instagram you know that collecting vinyl records is a massive part of my life. I have over 2500 of them. I started collecting, and I’ve been collecting for about eight years. It has to do with vinyl records and my love of music, and I’ll be able to share more information really soon. It’s super exciting, man.”

AXS TV, which hosts Impact Wrestling, where Young is currently signed, regularly presents a variety of music-based content. Whether it is classic concerts or other programming revolving around musicians and the entertainment industry. I mentioned to Young how the show he described would seemingly be a good fit for their line-up, but he declined to confirm who the show is being produced by or where it may air.

My full conversation with Young is now available on the Haus of Wrestling YouTube channel and podcast feed.

Eric Young, Big Damo, and Axel Tischer reunite as Sanity on Sunday, November 26, for PROGRESS Wrestling 160 – VENDETTA. Tickets can be purchased at

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