Backstage AEW News On Bryan Danielson Breaking Orbital Bone

This past Wednesday night’s episode of AEW Dynamite saw a dream tag team match when Kazuchika Okada and Orange Cassidy teamed to take on Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli. The bout delivered action and excitement, but unfortunately, like the last time Okada and Danielson shared a ring, it ended on a melancholy note as The American Dragon appeared to be injured. The closing moments of action saw Danielson lying on the ring apron, gripping his face, as his Blackpool Combat Club partner wrapped things up by pinning Cassidy.

On AEW Collision, Castagnoli gave fans an update on how Danielson is doing following the scary conclusion to their tag match.

“Broke the orbital bone from either an Orange Punch or a Rainmaker,” he began. “Which one? We don’t know. And honestly, which one? I don’t care because I’m gonna make both of you pay for what you’ve done to my friend. Okada, being in the United States or Japan, I am coming for you. I will find you, and I will make you pay.

“Orange, I don’t even have to come looking for you. You and me in Louisville this Wednesday on Dynamite for your International Championship. I know what I’m going to do. I know what I’m capable of, and just thinking about that, honestly, honestly, it frightens me a little bit. But you hurt one of us. You hurt one of the Blackpool Combat Club, and now I’m gonna hurt you. See you on Wednesday. Good luck.”

Earlier today on Wrestling Observer Radio, it was noted that Danielson did not actually injure himself in the tag team match on Dynamite. He did, however, go into that match with a pre-existing injury stemming from a match against Andrade on Collision the Saturday before. During his bout against Andrade, Danielson apparently bumped heads with his opponent as Charlotte Flair’s husband attempted to hit a spinning back elbow.

The accidental contact resulted in Danielson suffering a black eye, but AEW was unsure how serious the injury was. To play things safe, an injury angle was planned for the tag match, which took Danielson out of action so Castagnoli could handle the bulk of the physicality.

Danielson may need to have surgery done, but that decision looks to be “up in the air.” Obviously, AEW and Danielson are hoping surgery will not be required and that he will be able to continue competing.