Booker T Collaborates With Hip-Hop Group On New Album

Haus of Wrestling was sent the following press release about two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee Booker T collaborating with a Houston-area hip-hop group.

Twenty Eleven Announces the Launch of Their New Album “Happiness, Sadness, Etc.”

Houston, TX – The renowned hip-hop/indie-pop group, Twenty Eleven, is ecstatic to announce the release of their much-awaited album, “Happiness, Sadness, Etc.” The album, a compelling blend of diverse musical explorations, comprises 14 original songs, all masterfully written and produced by Twenty Eleven. Fans will be thrilled to discover collaborations with the legendary Booker T and the eclectic Say Girl Say.

Previously active between 2008 and 2013, Twenty Eleven was formed during the high school years of its members: emcees Boat & Just Will, singer Corbin Dallas, producer Avery Davis, and Motai. The group, with their distinctive sound, quickly made waves in Houston, releasing two independent LPs during their school years. Their undeniable prowess established them as pillars in Houston’s hip-hop/R&B scene, earning them both critical acclaim and award nominations. Their 2013 project “20 Summers” was the last the community heard from them before they embarked on individual journeys.

While Boat, professionally known as Brad Gilmore, ventured into the world of TV and radio hosting, Avery Davis gained further musical recognition with his solo act -Us., and as the drummer for Wild Moccasins. Corbin Dallas took his ethereal R&B to Los Angeles, Motai furthered his DJ and production career, and Just Will channeled his passion into music and poetry. Their separate paths only enriched their individual crafts, making “Happiness, Sadness, Etc.” a reunion of growth, passion, and unmatched talent.

The album’s release is not just a testament to Twenty Eleven’s unparalleled talent but also to the group’s unwavering bond and commitment to their craft. “Happiness, Sadness, Etc.” promises to be a soulful journey that will resonate with fans old and new.

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About Twenty Eleven:

Twenty Eleven formed while the group of friends were in high school. Together, they each honed their individual crafts. While in high school, the band generated significant buzz throughout Houston with the independent releases of two LP’s. Over the course of their youth, Twenty Eleven established themselves as fixtures in Houston’s hip hop/R&B scene, garnering local critical acclaim and award nominations. After the 2013 release of their third project “20 Summers,” the group took a hiatus to pursue solo careers, school and other personal endeavors. Boat has since created a brand for himself as a TV and radio host professionally known as Brad Gilmore, Avery has seen further musical success as solo artist -Us. and as the drummer for Wild Moccasins, Corbin Dallas moved to Los Angeles to record his solo album, Motai has continued his DJ and production career, and Just Will has continued writing music and poetry. The band reformed to release their new album, “Happiness, Sadness, Etc.”

Avery Davis is a Houston-born music producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has been seen as his electronic synth pop act, -Us., as well as playing drums for Wild Moccasins, Christopher Seymore, and Wrestlers. Playing every instrument and singing all the vocals himself, the Houston Press Music Award-winner crafted dance and R&B-laced electro pop. Under -Us., Avery released several covers and remixes, as well as original works “V.XXVII.IX”, 2017’s “Contact”, and 2020’s “It All Comes Back.”

William Yancy III, also known by his stage name Just Will, is a Houston-native music artist with popular band Twenty Eleven. Growing up, Just Will found his love for music in the church. Early on he knew music was meant to be the foundation to his life. He participated in many talent shows and writing competitions throughout his youth. He joined the still known music group, Twenty Eleven, his freshman year of high school while attending Lamar High School in Houston Texas. He went on to create music with the group throughout his college experience, where he attended University of Houston, majoring in English and Political Science. Post-grad, Just Will went on to be an English teacher while still focusing on his writing and music.

Brad Gilmore known in Twenty Eleven as Boat is a writer, musician, television host, and radio personality born and raised in Houston, Texas. Brad has lent his talents to several projects and organizations including the CW Network, Movie Trivia Schmoedown, CBS Radio, and ESPN Radio. Since 2012, Brad has been the host of “The Collection” covering music, sports and entertainment. Brad is the longest tenured announcer for WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion in Texas and co-chairs the popular radio show and podcast “The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore”. In 2023, Brad launched Gilmore Media, a media company produced podcasts, TV shows, books, films and digital content. Brad has published two best-selling books and is an alumnus of the University of Houston system where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Communication Studies and is obtaining a Master’s Degree from the University of Alabama.

Corbin Dallas is a Houston-raised vocalist carving out his own lane in Avant-soul and ethereal R&B. He has graced stages in Colorado, Texas, NYC, and his newest home and inspiration, Los Angeles. Through events like SXSW, fans have gotten to experience Corbin’s warm, meditative sound expressed through his signature, self-reflective storytelling. If you combined the homegrown familiarity of Brent Faiyaz, experimental nature of Frank Ocean, and the vocal range of Miguel, you’d understand the essence of Corbin Dallas’ path. His highly anticipated new EP, (Mirrors) promises to transport you, as he always does, with his soothing mix of languid melodies and airy soul. 

Tyler Tran, also known as Motai is a multifaceted artist whose talents extend beyond the turntables. A Houston Native, Motai has toured the globe in an effort to entertain the US troops stationed overseas, he has showcased his prowess in front of thousands, cementing his reputation as a top-tier performer. Beyond his musical accolades, Motai is an accomplished photographer and music video director, capturing moments and stories with the same finesse as his mixes. He’s best known for his integral role with Twenty Eleven, where he wears many hats – from producer and audio engineer to DJ and writing collaborator. With a keen ear for sound and a discerning eye for visuals, Motai continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.