G Fuel Energy Drink Fully Supports Rising Star Vinny Pacifico – Exclusive

Vinny Pacifico is not shy about his love of energy drinks. The energetic, young pro wrestling is routinely seen drinking them on the way to the ring. Earlier this year, His passion for highly caffeinated beverages and how he integrates them into his matches caught the eye of Bang Energy Drinks. At the time, Bang was one of the biggest brands on the market, and he was quickly signed to a contract. Unfortunately, shortly after, issues arose that led to him being relieved of that opportunity.

In an exclusive interview with Haus of Wrestling, Pacifico spoke about losing that deal and how he was able to pivot shortly after.

“A few months later, Bang was going through a phase with a lawsuit,” he revealed. “So, Bang went out. Yes, and G Fuel scooped me up immediately. Which is cool because I guess people know what I’m doing and see what I’m doing. It’s influential. It’s getting out there.”

Pacifico is undoubtedly making a name for himself in pro wrestling. This year alone, he has wrestled for AEW, NJPW, and some of the top independent pro wrestling promotions. Impressively, without being signed by a major company, he has landed such a meaningful endorsement. I pressed Pacifico on how he would handle a major promotion requiring him to cut ties with G Fuel if it meant signing a full-time contract.

“G Fuel said they’ll understand if it came to it,” he said. “Their support, they are so supportive of my wrestling career, it’s insane, and I am so lucky that they even saw what they saw in me at first. They said if it came down to that, they would understand, I would understand, but there’ll be no bad blood. That’s the best part that I could say. I feel like my character with the energy drinks and how I am is just very, very me.

“So, I would like to always be able to jump to that, but if I got signed to a company and they wanted me to change my character, change whatever they change, I’m for it. That’s how that’s how this stuff works. You gotta do what you got to do, but G Fuel said that they’d understand. How would I feel? I would understand, too. Business is business; you got to do what you got to do.”

My full interview with Pacifico will be released this Monday afternoon on the Haus of Wrestling YouTube channel, podcast feed, and X account.