Logan Paul Downplays Saving Rey Mysterio At WWE Crown Jewel

Logan Paul captured his first-ever WWE title at the Crown Jewel Premium Live Event earlier this month, defeating Rey Mysterio to win the United States Championship. However, one particular moment from that match has received more attention than even the title win itself. At one point, Mysterio attempted a springboard moonsault on Paul but didn’t get enough height, resulting in him almost landing directly on his neck. However, Paul managed to catch Mysterio just inches from the canvas and quickly hit a powerslam to cover up the potentially scary spot.

In the days following, social media and media outlets reflected on the incident with a similar sentiment: Logan Paul saved Rey Mysterio’s life. Now, Paul himself has addressed the spot on his Impaulsive podcast. In the show’s latest episode, which was even partly named after the moment, Paul claimed that he was just as much to blame for the spot going awry and feels he does not deserve the credit he’s been given.

“Look, I’m gonna come clean because I’ve seen all these positive headlines, ‘Logan Saves Rey Mysterio’, the Mexican community’s going crazy,” Paul began. “They’re praising me, saying I’m some sort of [hero] and so I’m like, ‘dang I’m being recognized for something cool? I’ll take it.’ But then I looked at the clip and upon assessing my performance, while I think I did save Rey Mysterio, I also almost killed Rey Mysterio.

I think I was too far back for the move and he didn’t clear enough ground for the move. That’s that’s what happened. I was too far back and he didn’t clear enough ground. We both made a mistake. I had to catch him. I had to catch him, I wasn’t going to not catch him. So truthfully, while I liked the headlines, and I like being gassed up like this, I was just doing my job. But I’ll take it, I’ll take the praise.”

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