Drew McIntyre Earns WarGames Advantage On WWE Raw

With two WarGames matches taking place at WWE Survivor Series this weekend, it’s now clear which team will have the numbers advantage on the men’s side of things. A heated match between Drew McIntyre and Jey Uso, with the WarGames advantage on the line, ended with McIntyre victorious. The former WWE Champion hit a Future Shock DDT on Uso for the three-count, with McIntyre continuing to lay into his opponent after the match. Soon, McIntyre’s allies in The Judgment Day made their way down to the ring, followed by their opponents for this Saturday, armed with chairs. After a short brawl, Cody Rhodes was on hand to reveal the fifth and final member of his team – Randy Orton. Orton wasn’t there in person, but it was confirmed that he will make his in-ring return at this weekend’s big event in Chicago, Illinois.

Tonight’s WWE Raw opened up with a promo from McIntyre, with the former WWE Champion explaining his association with The Judgment Day to end the show last week. McIntyre clarified that he’s not a member of the faction, but his hatred of Uso is so strong that he’s joined up with them for the time being. After making that clear, it wasn’t long before McIntyre was confronted by his WarGames opponents, with The Judgment Day quickly appearing as backup for McIntyre. Raw GM Adam Pearce interrupted the fracas before things could get too far, keeping the two sides at bay by declaring that they had to decide which two team members would face off in the main event to decide the advantage for Saturday’s bout. It was eventually decided that Uso and McIntyre would be the ones to compete.

In every WarGames match, one team gets an advantage by having their team members enter first in the alternating order, giving them an extra number at various points. In this case, the heels will have an extra number during the uneven segments. The actual match won’t officially begin until all competitors have made it into the rings. Out of the men competing in WarGames this Saturday, only McIntyre, Uso, and Zayn have competed before. Both Zayn and Uso were on the same team at last year’s Survivor Series, teaming with the rest of The Bloodline against McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge Holland.