NWA Powerrr Added To The CW App; Exclusive News On Internal Reaction

The past month has been a wild ride for Billy Corgan and his revamped NWA regarding the future of their content.

Haus of Wrestling was the first to report last month that Corgan had signed a pair of TV deals with the top twenty channel. One of the deals was for a yet-to-be-named reality show about Corgan’s life running the promotion, and the other was for Powerrr to air weekly. Unfortunately, due to a segment at NWA Samhain involving Father James Mitchell using cocaine with various extras and wrestlers, Haus of Wrestling reported that the channel had changed its mind, and would be airing the content on its app instead.

At some point today, it appears that The CW has uploaded eight episodes of NWA Powerrr to its app. The episodes are roughly forty minutes in length and are titled as follows, in order:

  • The New Era
  • New Era, Old Problems
  • The Dark Carnival
  • The G Gets The Love
  • Keep Your Enemies Close
  • When TV Stars Align
  • Musical Chairs
  • See You In Hell!

The initial feedback Haus of Wrestling received rom those close to the NWA about the content being uploaded to the app was that of confusion. Even those expecting the content to be uploaded to the app and not make it to The CW airwaves did not expect it to be added without some announcement. Those we have spoken with believed that Powerrr would always air before the reality show, but likely not until sometime in early 2024. It was relayed to us that it will be “interesting to see how Billy reacts to this.”

As we have previously reported, we have heard that The CW was always more interested in the reality show project than Powerrr. The reality show contains footage of Corgan’s recent marriage, and the network was interested in airing that. Whether the reality show makes it to the airwaves, or is uploaded to The CW app, possibly soon, is still unknown.

Haus of Wrestling is working on find out more about the situation now.