Cult Of Personality Remastered Amidst CM Punk WWE Return Rumors

Ever since CM Punk was terminated with cause by AEW back in September, rumors of his potential return to WWE almost a decade on from his departure have been relentless. The latest word on the possible move is that WWE has no plans to bring Punk back at this time, although a significant fan outcry for his return could change their minds. At the time of writing, it seems highly unlikely that Punk will appear at Survivor Series this weekend in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Dave Meltzer reiterated this in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter where he noted that while the company is aware of the negativity surrounding the two-time AEW World Champion, they are not opposed to the idea of bringing him back if they have to do so to appease vocal fans. This is part of a new mantra that the Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque-led creative team has adopted as they do not want to push against what fans want as much as they did when Vince McMahon was in charge.

With less than 48 hours to go till Survivor Series, however, an interesting development has emerged. This morning, a remastered version of Living Color’s Cult of Personality was released across music streaming services. The song is most recognizable in wrestling circles through its long-time link to CM Punk, who originally used it in Ring of Honor and has since adopted it as his entrance theme across WWE, UFC, and AEW over the last decade.

However, one eagle-eyed fan on social media has pointed out that the remaster may not be completely brand-new. X user Omni Demon posted a comparison video between the remaster, the 2007 re-recording of Cult of Personality for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and the original 1988 version. The opening verse of the remaster and the Guitar Hero version sound almost identical, suggesting that the remaster may have simply been done to make the song’s re-recording readily available on music streaming services.