Gunther Names His WWE ‘End Boss’

WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, as formidable as he is, would be a natural fit as the final boss for the vast majority of professional wrestlers working today. That begs the question: if everyone is the hero of their own story, who does GUNTHER see as the last antagonist to overcome on his journey? Appearing on Under the Ring, GUNTHER revealed which wrestler he sees himself matching up with perfectly.

“You never really know what you get with Brock,” GUNTHER said. “But it’s definitely a match … I want to do. I feel like Brock is somebody that I kind of class [as] … maybe my personal end boss. Maybe that’s the guy that, at one point, I have to step in the ring [with] to validate myself.”

While they haven’t yet wrestled in a singles match, the two big men did share a memorable moment during the Men’s Royal Rumble back in January. Additionally, this isn’t the first time GUNTHER has pitched a match with Lesnar. Earlier this year, the Intercontinental Champion revealed that he wanted the match to take place in Europe.

GUNTHER vs. Lesnar is certainly a match worthy of a WrestleMania slot down the line, if not the main event. With John Cena teasing the possibility of a WrestleMania in the United Kingdom over the summer at WWE Money in the Bank, it seems as though GUNTHER and Lesnar would be a natural fit for the major international show.

The Austria native is currently in the midst of a record-breaking run with the Intercontinental Championship, having held the belt for 531 days and counting. While it’s been a very long time, Lesnar has challenged for the Intercontinental Title before, though he never captured it. Lesnar’s 2002 feud with Rob Van Dam took place while the ECW star held the title, with Lesnar challenging for it on an episode of WWE Raw, the WWE Vengeance pay-per-view, and at a string of live events.