Cody Rhodes Predicts WWE Is Getting A ‘Hungry’ CM Punk

Tonight’s WWE Survivor Series saw the surprise return of CM Punk to the WWE Universe. Following Punk’s return, Paul “Triple H” Levesque kicked off the post-show press conference, reaffirming to Haus of Wrestling that this was a decision he and Nick Khan made and was not something pushed by TKO Group Holdings. Furthermore, Levesque reiterated a few times that this was a decision that was made last minute, with few people knowing about it.

The press conference ended with Cody Rhodes taking the stage. When given the opportunity to ask Rhodes a question on behalf of Haus of Wrestling, I pressed him on how he felt about Punk returning to WWE. Especially since they had both spent time in AEW, and returned to WWE following that experience.

“If he can help with where we’re going and what we’re doing, absolutely,” he said. “Welcome aboard, and I have a feeling that the CM Punk that, potentially, we’re getting is hungry, and that’s the best. That’s the best when someone’s hungry. When somebody wants something, when it’s real, I’ll give kudos and flowers to Triple H and Nick Khan for getting that done.

“You could ask all the boys and girls till they’re blue in the face, ‘Hey, how do you feel?’ You know? You might get up you might get down, a wide range of emotions. But the first thing always is business. And again, we’re doing record business. Feels like everybody wants to be here. More the merrier; if you can help, absolutely come on board.”

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