CM Punk Did Not Do Victory Lap To Close WWE Raw – Exclusive

CM Punk shocked the pro wrestling world at WWE Survivor Series when he dramatically returned to the sports entertainment juggernaut. Without saying a word, Punk got everyone talking as he waved at Randy Orton and stared down an irate Seth “Freaking” Rollins spewing profanities at him. For his part, Rollins continued his animosity toward Punk in back-to-back promos at a live event on Sunday night and again on Raw last night. Punk, however, was the man to get the last word, as he closed out the show with a relatively straightforward promo letting fans know he was home.

Following his “I’m home” closing line, Punk pumped his hands and shuffled to the side to cheer with the fans. Some on social media have interpreted Punk’s final motions on screen as a shot at The Young Bucks, who infamously did a victory lap at the AEW Collision tapings in Chicago the day the company terminated Punk. After speaking with those close to Punk, Haus of Wrestling is told that in no way was Punk taking a shot at The Bucks with his final Raw movements. He was simply reacting to the moment.

Furthermore, it was reiterated that Punk is looking to move past the drama of AEW entirely and has no plans to address any of what happened there. It was also pointed out that if he were going to recreate what The Bucks did, it would have been more direct. What he did does not look like what they did.