Cody Rhodes Comments On QT Marshall Resigning From AEW

From its inception, QT Marshall was integral to the success of All Elite Wrestling. A close associate of Cody Rhodes, the veteran quickly found spots for himself as a performer, trusted advisor, and confidant of AEW President Tony Khan. For those reasons, it surprised many fans yesterday when Marshall announced that he resigned from the promotion due to the company going in a new direction. Haus of Wrestling reported earlier today that the new direction he is referring to is a more wrestling-focused, NJPW-style product.

Rhodes, who runs The Nightmare Factory alongside Marshall, has taken to X to comment on his friend’s decision to leave the company he helped to start.

“Did the work – was essential in making so many memories for fans & has been so instrumental in helping countless wrestlers,” he wrote. “A pros’ PRO. We almost became friends ha. I can’t wait to see what you do next! An OG and outstanding “num 2” through his tenure. Congratulations QT on the run so far.”

For those who missed it, here is what Marshall wrote last night.

“Thank you AEW,” he began. “Thank you Tony Khan. I’ve had the privilege of being here since day 1 and I’ve written over 750 formats for All Elite Wrestling and always with pride. As much as I’ve enjoyed being a VP, Manager of Talent Relations and wearing a myriad of hats, the company has changed a lot since 2019 and is heading in a different direction and I feel that it’s best I do the same as we only get on chance to go All In! I have officially resigned from AEW and will have fulfilled all obligations by the end of 2023.

“Thank you everyone from the front office to the production truck to some of the hardest working talent in this sport! Most importantly, thank you to those who booed, cheered, and took part in this season of my life.”