Drew McIntyre: ‘Look In My Eyes, What Do You See…’

This past Saturday night at WWE Survivor Series, CM Punk made his triumphant return to the sports entertainment juggernaut he once derided. The range of reactions from the somewhat bewildered main event talent included a subdued Randy Orton offering a friendly wave while Seth Rollins erupted with a profanity-filled response. One man who was not present for Punk’s return was Drew McIntyre.

The intimidating Scotsman could be seen stomping away from the ring while clutching his head moments before Punk appeared at the top of the entrance ramp. Many immediately leaped to the conclusion that McIntyre was unhappy about Punk being brought back to WWE and wanted to have nothing to do with his moment. In the days since word has gotten out that Rollins’ meltdown is a work, and McIntyre, while likely unhappy about Punk’s return, is also dealing with other issues that are keeping him preoccupied.

To keep things interesting, McIntyre took to social media this morning to share a post quoting Punk’s Cult of Personality theme song.

“Look in my eyes,” he wrote. “What do you see…”

The post is appropriately vague, leaving fans to speculate what McIntyre is trying to accomplish with the message. This past Monday night on Raw, McIntyre made his case for why he should be next in line for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship shot. Unfortunately, that request was denied as Rollins revealed that Jey Uso was the next man in line for an opportunity. McIntyre did not take the news well, leveling Rollins with a headbutt that left his forehead bloody. An image of McIntyre dripping with blood was included with his mysterious Punk-related post.

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