Backstage WWE News On Likelihood Of CM Punk Vs Steve Austin

At WWE WrestleMania 38, in his backyard of Texas, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin turned back the clock when he delivered an impromptu main event match against Kevin Owens. I was fortunate to attend the historic bout, and I will never forget watching everyone in the press box leap to their feet when they realized it was happening. It was a surreal experience heightened by Austin delivering more-than-serviceable in-ring and out-of-ring action. Austin’s performance was so strong that many immediately clamored for more action from the WWE Hall of Fame inductee.

One big dream match fans have wanted for years is CM Punk vs Austin. The two men are arguably the most outspoken members of their respective eras, and the possible promo exchanges and matches have kept fans’ tongues wagging. For their part, Punk and Austin have never shied away from their openness to the match taking place and even shared screentime on WWE TV teasing the possibility.

Fightful reports that several people within WWE are pushing for the big match to finally occur. Talks have been serious enough that Punk himself has been involved in conversations about the possibility. There is no word regarding how far along the discussions are between Punk, Austin, and WWE, but the “ideal scenario” would likely see the two men meeting to discuss it in person. Punk would probably fly to meet with Austin if that does happen. The report reiterated that those close to both men have not heard them speak ill of the other, and it sounds as if they exchange texts a few times a year.

On the immediate horizon for Punk appears to be a program with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freaking” Rollins. Following Punk’s return at Survivor Series, Rollins burst into profanities and had to be held back by Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and others at ringside. It sounds as if Rollins is attempting to work fans, and possibly those within the company, with his antics, but it is widely expected the men will work a program together. If that is the case, the big match could take place at the Royal Rumble, leaving Punk’s WrestleMania card clear for an encounter with Austin if that is how things go.