Ric Flair May Leave AEW Following Backlash To Rampage Promo

Ric Flair was presented to Sting as a surprise gift from Tony Khan following The Icon’s announcement that he will be retiring at AEW Revolution. The two men share decades of history and are very good friends in real life. Sting has embraced his fellow WWE Hall of Fame inductee since he was gifted him, but not all AEW fans have been so quick to show the same love.

Flair was accused of sexual assault by a flight attendant who was aboard the infamous Plane Ride From Hell. The flight was the subject of a Dark Side Of The Ring episode, and the attendant, Heidi Doyle, relayed her compelling tale of what she endured at the hands of Flair. According to Doyle, Flair walked up and down the aisle of the flight wearing nothing but his ring robe before cornering her and making her touch his penis. Flair has denied the allegations.

With the lingering uneasiness around Flair’s sexual escapades, a promo he cut for this week’s AEW Rampage during Wednesday night’s taping raised the eyebrows of many. According to reports from fans in attendance, Flair asked all women between eighteen and twenty-eight, with no boyfriends and no husbands, to meet him at his hotel room.

In response to the criticism being hurled, Flair fired off the following all-caps message on social media.

“I Am So Tired Of Hearing All This Negativity!” Flair exclaimed. “I Don’t Need To Work, And I Don’t Need The Money. Can’t I Simply Enjoy Being By My Dear Friend @stinger’s Side For The Next Few Months Without So Much Hatred? I Know I’m Old, But That Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Enjoy Life! I Have Earned The Right To Do Whatever I Want & I’m Exactly Where I Want To Be! I Appreciate Everything @tonyrkhan, But I’m More Than Willing To Walk Away If I Am Embarrassing You And Your Company. All I Can Say Is I’m Sorry!”

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