CM Punk Offered WWE Raw Contract By GM Adam Pearce

After showing up on WWE Raw last week and before his scheduled appearance on WWE SmackDown this Friday, it wasn’t entirely clear where CM Punk stood in terms of his official brand. It’s now been confirmed that WWE views Punk as a free agent while also indicating that the Straight Edge Superstar will soon choose either Raw or SmackDown. On tonight’s episode of Raw, General Manager Adam Pearce informed Seth Rollins that he invited Punk to next week’s episode to offer him a Raw contract. Nothing has been made official yet, and Punk is still scheduled to appear on SmackDown before anything else happens.

Punk closed out last week’s Raw with a self-admittedly cheesy promo that saw him refer to WWE as his home before finishing with a promise to the camera that he wasn’t there to make friends but instead to make money. With the level of interest behind Punk’s return to the company, there’s no doubt that he and WWE will make plenty of money together in the months and possibly years to come. In addition to setting up feuds between Punk and Drew McIntyre as well as Rollins, reports have indicated that the company does have plans for Punk to feud with Roman Reigns at some point.

Though Punk is appearing on this week’s Tribute to the Troops edition of SmackDown, it seems that Raw is the likelier destination for the performer. The recently returned Randy Orton has already been signed to SmackDown, and the feuds Punk has brewing now are with two Raw stars. As always, nothing is set in stone until it’s officially announced, and Punk could continue appearing on both main roster shows until his final brand destination is revealed.