Drew McIntyre Calls Out CM Punk, Jey Uso Ahead Of WWE Raw Match

Tonight’s WWE Raw opened up with Drew McIntyre, who wasted no time by grabbing the microphone and getting some things off his chest. The Scottish Warrior started by welcoming the fans to Raw before proceeding to run down a big name that recently returned to WWE: CM Punk.

“Apparently, you can get fired, released, leave, do what you want for a bunch of time, come back to the company, and you’re instantly forgiven these days,” McIntyre said, pausing before reacting to the crowd chanting for Punk. “I could be talking about anybody!”

McIntyre then called out World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and his decision to give Jey Uso a title shot rather than offering McIntyre a rematch. The former WWE Champion pointed out that he recently defeated Uso and recalled his confrontation with Rollins last week before pointing out that Uso found it in himself to apologize to Randy Orton last week. He once again assured Uso that his time was coming before McIntyre was interrupted by the arrival of Sami Zayn. The two had a short exchange of words before beginning their match, an exciting bout that McIntyre won with a Claymore Kick.

Both Punk and Orton made their returns at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, with Orton joining the team opposite McIntyre and helping end things, while Punk appeared to end the show. Following the appearance of the two men, McIntyre reportedly left the building in a huff, though it’s unclear just how much of the anger was for show and how much is legitimate. McIntyre hasn’t held back his frustrations with various members of the roster on TV and social media in recent weeks, and at the same time, there have been reports that McIntyre has been unhappy with his position in the company ahead of his contract expiring next year.