MJF Lays Out Devil Accusation Against Former World Champion

Early into tonight’s AEW Dynamite, the show cut to Renee Paquette backstage, with “Hangman” Adam Page approaching her and looking to talk. Page started by discussing his recent loss to Swerve Strickland at AEW Full Gear, promising his opponent that things were not through between the two of them. However, before Page could get too far, he was interrupted by AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF insulted Page over the much-discussed blood-drinking spot in the Full Gear match before Page cut MJF, telling him he didn’t have time to listen to the champion talk for the next 30 minutes.

“The reason that I have to go out there for 30 minutes is to wake the crowd up after they have to deal with somebody like you beforehand putting them to sleep,” MJF said to Page as he walked away. The comment caused Page to turn around and face MJF once again, asking the champion if he had something he needed to get off his chest. After some more trash talk between the two regarding their in-ring history and various accolades in the company, MJF let out a major accusation.

“You want to get honest here, Hangman?” MJF asked. “I think out of everybody in this locker room, if there’s one guy, … I think you’re the Devil, man.”

Page vehemently denied the accusation and called MJF a manipulator, pointing out as many others have that MJF was likely the one parading around in a Devil mask. Just as things began getting physical between the two, Samoa Joe appeared to pull them apart, with Joe reminding MJF they had a match tonight against the Devil’s masked henchmen. It remains to be seen when the identity of the Devil will be unveiled, but it’s unlikely that it’s either Page or MJF. With tonight’s tag match taking place in a matter of minutes, it shouldn’t be long before fans get another clue about the masked figure’s identity.