Braun Strowman Addresses If He’ll Be In The WWE Royal Rumble

The last time WWE fans saw Braun Strowman one TV, he was tagging with Ricochet on a May episode of Raw against Alpha Academy. Since then, the Monster Among Men has been away from WWE programming while he underwent neck surgery and began the road to recovery. He did pop up on WWE TV for a one-off appearance following the passing of Bray Wyatt, as he stood at the top of the entrance ramp alongside Erick Redbeard in a moment of tribute.

In an interview with News 18, Strowman gave fans an update on his recovery.

“So I just recently had my five-month check-up, with Dr. Cordoba, at the world-famous Andrews Medical Centre, where WWE graced me to have my surgery with the number one surgeon in the world,” he began. “So I did my five-month check-up and got medically cleared to start lifting weights. So the bones are fusing nicely in my neck. So I had a cervical fusion on my C4 and C5. So they put a metal plate and four screws in my neck.

“I had four screws and a metal plate put it in my neck. Doc cleared me to start lifting weights again, which was a major blessing because I was going crazy sitting around eight weeks of doing nothing. I lost 35 pounds just sitting around for eight weeks because I wasn’t eating like I normally do since I wasn’t lifting. So I didn’t need all those extra calories. So now we’re trying to put the weight back on.

“The goal for 2024 is to continue this. As I said, I go back after the first year to have another check-up and then get back in the ring, getting back into shape, and then getting back to passing these hands out.”

Strowman’s update does not sound optimistic regarding an impending return, but crazier things have happened in WWE. The sports entertainment juggernaut’s next big premium live event, the WWE Royal Rumble, takes place at the end of next month and is usually chock full of surprise entries and returns. Strowman was pressed on whether he could make his triumphant return during the big multi-man match.,

“You know when I’m back. Just know that. I don’t know yet; if I could be back in Rumble, that’d be great. But like I said, I’m at the mercy of the doctors and what they say. I’m listening to them because this was a very serious injury that I had. So slow and steady as the process on the company is so supportive behind me and stuff. I’m staying busy now.

“Normally, I probably wouldn’t be here right now doing this if it wasn’t for that. You always take the glass half full line, find your blessings and everything. So now that I’m out with the surgery, I’ve gotten cleared to be able to travel and stuff. So now they’re going to send me around doing all the media stuff. So that’s why I’m here. So it’s an unbelievable blessing to be able to continue to work, do what I love, and get the output, and reaction on people’s faces.”