Shawn Michaels Says WWE Re-Hiring CM Punk ‘Wasn’t A Tough Decision’

The pro wrestling world was thrown for a loop at WWE Survivor Series when CM Punk returned to the sports entertainment juggernaut. One man who was open to the idea of Punk returning to the WWE fold sooner than later is two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee Shawn Michaels. On the WWE NXT Halloween Havoc media call, I asked Michaels about Punk possibly returning, maybe even on the WWE NXT brand. At the time, Michaels responded with general praise for Punk and said they had similar personalities. He also kept the door wide open to him joining NXT but noted it was more likely that if he returned, it would be on the main roster, which he did.

On today’s WWE NXT Deadline media call, I followed up with Michaels on Punk, who has returned to the promotion since last we spoke. I wanted to know how he felt about his good friend Paul “Triple H” Levesque being able to bury the hatchet with Punk, how he felt about his return, and if there is a chance we see The Second City Savior in NXT. Off the bat, Michaels responded by saying that WWE re-hiring CM Punk “wasn’t a tough decision” by anyone involved, including Levesque.

Michaels also mentioned how it was a good business decision; everyone involved wanted to do what was best for business. He reiterated his support for Punk and how he expects big things for him during this run in WWE. The Heartbreak Kid also praised Punk for leaving promotions on his own terms, even if it came with bad blood because choosing to do something alone can create closure. Of course, he is still leaving the door open for Punk to appear in NXT.