Cody Rhodes Meets Familiar Fate During WWE Raw Main Event

In a first-time singles match, Cody Rhodes faced Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event of tonight’s WWE Raw, but things did not end well for Rhodes. Just when it looked as though The American Nightmare was going to land the victory, Nakamura countered Rhodes and sprayed him in the face once again with red mist. This caused the referee to call for a disqualification, but Nakamura continued to assault Rhodes until The Creed Brothers made their way to the ring to help. Even after that, Nakamura was able to land a few shots, leaving Raw to come to a close with a red-faced, dazed Rhodes being assisted by WWE officials.

Rhodes and Nakamura started the match strong, with Nakamura quickly gaining the upper hand. While Rhodes made several attempts to gain momentum through the opening stages of the match, Nakamura was able to counter each one until Rhodes was able to get the veteran tied up in the ropes. Rhodes spent the next few minutes dominating, eventually tossing Nakamura to the outside and diving on top of him.

Once the two men were back in the rings, things became evenly matched as they exchanged a series of strikes. Though he struggled against a sleeper hold from Nakamura, Rhodes was able to break out, dropping Nakamura on his back and opening up an opportunity for Rhodes to press his advantage. A series of escalating offense led to a Cody Cutter followed by an attempt at the Cross Rhodes, but Nakamura countered and delivered a heavy dose of mist.

Though Nakamura had been making cryptic teases for weeks on end, it wasn’t clear who the former NJPW star’s target was until Nakamura attacked Rhodes on the Raw after WWE Survivor Series: WarGames last month. That was when Nakamura first sprayed Rhodes with red mist, and the two continued their conflict leading into tonight’s match.

Though he’s no longer the only one announced for the match, Rhodes became the first person to officially enter next year’s Men’s Royal Rumble. For Rhodes, the match offers a chance to finally “finish the story” and win the title that his father, Dusty Rhodes, was never able to win. Though he had a chance earlier this year at WWE WrestleMania 39 after winning the Royal Rumble in January, Rhodes fell short against Roman Reigns, and will look to win the Rumble again to earn another main event slot at WrestleMania 40. As of now, Nakamura still serves as a major roadblock for Rhodes in the months ahead.

Nakamura is a former Royal Rumble winner himself. He won the match in 2018, going on to face AJ Styles at WWE WrestleMania 34, but was unsuccessful in his attempt at the world title. He’ll undoubtedly look to continue his momentum after tonight despite walking away with a disqualification loss.