Masked Devils Attack Hangman Adam Page To Close AEW Dynamite

Following an intense AEW Dynamite main event between Jon Moxley and Swerve Strickland, commentator Excalibur began running down the card for upcoming shows, and it seemed like the episode was coming to a close. However, cameras then cut outside the arena, where former AEW Champion Hangman Adam Page was being assaulted by a familiar group of figures representing AEW’s mysterious masked Devil. The Devil himself soon arrived, stepping out of a nearby vehicle and directing his henchmen to put Page through the vehicle’s windshield.

The attack came after Samoa Joe accused Page of being the Devil at the start of tonight’s Dynamite. Last week on the show, Page and AEW World Champion MJF got into a heated exchange backstage, and moments later, MJF was seen lying unconscious on the ground next to a smashed bottle. At the same time, a Devil vignette played while his minions surrounded and then left the ring. As pointed out by Joe tonight, Hangman has something of a history with the bottle, and his interaction with MJF saw the champion point the blame at Page as well. Before Page and Joe could find any resolution, Roderick Strong interjected himself into the situation, and soon Strong’s match with Page was underway while Joe headed to the back.

Another notable element of the attack on Page is the presence of glass once again. Over the summer, AEW star Jack Perry notoriously came into conflict with CM Punk over Perry’s insistence on using real glass onscreen. With the heavy use of glass in Devil segments, many fans have come to believe that Perry is the one under the mask. The former FTW Champion hasn’t been seen since his altercation with Punk, which resulted in his suspension and Punk’s termination.

Other primary suspects for the Devil include MJF himself and possibly Adam Cole, who has grown close to the champion onscreen but suffered an injury several months back that’s kept him on the shelf – suspiciously right around the time the Devil first appeared. Even if Cole’s injury was legitimate, it remains possible that the company could claim in the storyline that Cole was never hurt, and was running around in the Devil mask the entire time.