AJ Styles Returns To WWE And Lays Out Top Babyface

Tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown saw Randy Orton defeat Jimmy Uso in a singles match. Per “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns’ orders, Solo Sikoa, Uso’s younger brother, was not allowed to interfere to help him win. Despite Reigns’ decree, when it looked like Uso would be defeated, Sikoa began to make his way to the ring. Before he could make his presence felt, LA Knight took out the master of The Samoan Spike, evening the odds. Back in the ring, Uso ate an RKO shortly after, leading to his loss.

Following the match, Reigns emerged to help The Bloodline beat down Orton and Knight, which was going well until AJ Styles’ music hit. Styles, who has been off TV since the summer due to an attack by The Bloodline, hit the ring and helped Orton and Knight fend off their attackers. After soaking in the moment, Styles shocked the crowd in attendance by assaulting Knight from behind while a bewildered Orton looked on.

Styles then took off up the ramp while Orton posed, The Bloodline sneered, and Knight looked confused.