Ric Flair Wants To Manage Former WWE Star In AEW

Ric Flair returned to TBS for the first time in over two decades back in October when he made his AEW debut as Tony Khan’s mystery retirement gift to Sting. The Nature Boy has since accompanied Sting during all of his AEW appearances and will continue to do so until the end of The Icon’s legendary career at AEW Revolution next year. However, Flair is already looking towards his AEW future next year and beyond as a manager!

Speaking to Bill Prichard of WrestleZone, the 74-year-old reiterated his wishes to be the manager of his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo. Flair praised Andrade for his recent Continental Classic match with Bryan Danielson before pitching that he could be the former WWE star’s “heater.”

“I’m telling you, Manny is a 240-pound heavyweight,” Flair said. “If you didn’t see that match with him and [Bryan Danielson], I was taken back by it. Manny can do shit that nobody else can do. I would love to manage him but that’s all after [Sting].

“He’s 240 pounds. He’s not a little kid. He’s a full-fledged heavyweight. He takes English lessons left and right but it’s still hard to get to holler and scream and be fluent in English and say the things so that it comes out without sounding broken. In other words, I need to be there, I need to be his heater. He can do the work, but I can do the talk and he can live up to every goddamn thing – that is guaranteed. I promise you, if they let me manage him, people will never forget the moment.”

If Flair and Andrade were to be paired up in AEW, it wouldn’t be the first time the duo have worked together as a wrestler and manager combo. Most famously, Flair debuted in Lucha Libre AAA back in 2021 less than two weeks after departing WWE as Andrade’s manager for his Triplemania XXIX match against then-AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega.

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