CM Punk Wanted Danielle Fishel To Manage AEW Star

Many fans who grew up during the heyday of The Attitude Era also grew up fans of the popular television series Boy Meets World. As part of the coveted TGIF line-up, Cory Matthews, played by Ben Savage, and his friends were a staple for many young viewers at the end of the week. It didn’t hurt that from time to time, a WWE Superstar like Vader, who played one of Cory’s friend Frankie’s Dad, would pop up for an appearance. The show also revolved around the on-again-off-again romance between Matthews and Topanga, played by Danielle Fishel.

Fishel has gained a loyal cult following due to her role on the show and has surprised pro wrestling fans in recent years with her outspoken love of sports entertainment. She recently shared a photo on Instagram with WWE Hall of Fame inductee Trish Stratus.

“Finally met my wrestling doppelgänger, @trishstratuscom!” she exclaimed. “Even lovlier in person. ❤️ #galaxyconcolumbus.”

In an interview with MuscleManMalcolm, Lio Rush was asked if he had any CM Punk-related stories and recalled a pitch that many Fishel pro wrestling fans would have enjoyed seeing play out.

“I’ve got a story with CM Punk; I definitely have a story with CM Punk,” he laughed. “I remember me and CM Punk doing like the beginning of the show when we first all came in the building. And I remember seeing him sitting in the bleachers, and I just walked over and introduced myself to him. Told him how much I looked up to him as, you know, as a kid. I didn’t want to make him feel old, but I told him that I looked up to him. That I appreciate his work and his time in WWE.

“A couple of months later, probably about a month or two later, he ended up coming to me with an idea. I don’t even know if I should say this, but I’m just gonna say it anyway. I remember he came up with an idea where he wanted Danielle Fishel to come into AEW to be my manager because we had that mutual friend in Danielle. So, yeah, that was an idea that came up that he wanted to talk to me about that never really came to fruition. But yeah, that’s my CM Punk story. I’ve got a couple of more, but maybe I’ll save it for a book one day.”

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