Matt Riddle Hints At MMA Return Following WWE Release

After over five years with WWE, Matt Riddle was released this past September. Just weeks prior, he was at the center of a controversial incident at JFK Airport when he accused a Port Authority police officer of sexually assaulting him. Videos of the former United States Champion intoxicated at the airport later emerged, and he subsequently missed an episode of Raw, though this was reportedly due to illness and not the incident mentioned above.

While it’s already been confirmed that Riddle will continue his pro wrestling career in 2024, with a match against fellow stoner Rob Van Dam set for next March, some have naturally assumed he may return to his roots in mixed martial arts. There may be something to that speculation, as Riddle attended the 15th Annual World MMA Awards in Las Vegas this week.

At the event, he spoke to MMA Junkie about his future in both professional wrestling.

“Yeah, I’ll say this. There’s been a lot of talk; I’ve been talking to a couple of promotions,” Riddle admitted. “I don’t want to get into it until it’s official, but I think 2024 is a very big possibility that get back in the ring or cage and fight again.”

The outlet also asked him about the possibility of returning to UFC, where he last competed over a decade ago before being released from the promotion due to failing a drug test for the second time within a year.

“Never say never, right? I don’t really hold a grudge,” Riddle replied. “I talk a lot of trash, but that’s about it. So if there’s business to be had, I’ll get business done.”

“For me, there’s no things that really needs mending. [Dana White] had his decision, I had mine. He went his way, I went my way and I had great success. For me, there’s no problem. It’s just a matter of he’d want me to work for him again.”

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