CM Punk’s Lawyer Says Chris Jericho Should Have Signed NDA

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for Chris Jericho, who was busy tweeting. The former WWE and AEW World Champion wanted to let everyone know he had not signed an NDA following the infamous post-AEW All Out 2022 brawl. While Jericho may not have thrown gloves in the backstage melee, he does claim to have seen it all go down and was irked when CM Punk and Ace Steel’s lawyer, Stephen P New, said that everyone around at the time had signed an NDA. That is except for Steel’s wife, Lucy, who is apparently legally allowed to say whatever she wants about what happened.

“I didn’t sign one….” Jericho wrote.

“It’s in your employee handbook unless you have a special one,” New responded. “We can figure it out.”

Earlier today, Steve Brown, who is described as a “Labor & Employment Lawyer in Richmond, VA representing management” in his X profile, published a post and tagged New in regard to his handbook comment.

@StephenPNew It is unlikely that an NDA is in the Handbook because a good Handbook makes it clear that it’s not a contract,” he wrote. “NDAs are stand alone contracts. @IAmJericho

@Steve_Brown84 I never said there was an NDA in the handbook,” New replied. “There is a confidentiality clause. And witnesses to the event were all supposed to be interviewed as part of the investigation and sign NDAs. Jericho should be bound by either.”

Jericho is not currently advertised for tomorrow night’s episode of AEW Dynamite, but it is possible he appears to set up an AEW World Tag Team Championship match at Worlds End. He and Kenny Omega earned a shot at Ricky Starks and Big Bill at Full Gear, but following Omega going down with diverticulitis, the match appears to be off, and no update on what will happen in its place has been given. If Jericho does appear on Dynamite, it will be interesting to see if he makes reference to the new NDA drama he seems to have stirred up.