Backstage WWE News On Triple H’s ‘Major Announcement’

Tomorrow night, WWE will present a 2024 Preview Special on Peacock featuring Paul “Triple H” Levesque, CM Punk, and various special guests. As part of the special, Levesque will be making a “major announcement,” but the company has fallen short of giving clues to what it may be. Of course, because of that, pro wrestling fans are going to do what they do best: speculate wildly.

One bit of speculation that has emerged on social media regarding what Levesque will announce is that WWE will be doing something with TNA in some capacity. TNA recently announced that they are rebranding their pay-per-view events to premium live events, which is what WWE currently calls their major offerings. TNA also recently announced they have partnered with Endeavor Streaming to distribute its on-demand subscription service, TNA+. Endeavor is the parent company of TKO Group Holdings, made up of WWE and UFC, and some fans see a bridge being formed.

PWInsider reports that there is nothing to the idea that Levesque’s announcement tomorrow night has anything to do with TNA, including some kind of working relationship with them.

WWE did have some crossover with Impact Wrestling at the 2022 Royal Rumble. During the women’s Rumble match, then-Impact Knockout’s World Champion Mickie James entered the match at number twenty. She lasted a respectable eleven minutes and forty seconds before being eliminated by Lita. Ronda Rousey eventually won that match and went on to unsuccessfully challenge Charlotte Flair for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship in the semi-main event of WrestleMania 38 Night One.

Another factor fans seem to believe could play into WWE possibly working with TNA is the fact the sports entertainment juggernaut is more open to working with outside promotions under Levesque’s leadership. Earlier this week, WWE NXT star Charlie Dempsey traveled to Japan to battle Katsuhiko Nakajima for his Triple Crown Championship in All Japan Pro Wrestling. Dempsey, the son of William Regal, came up short and was unable to pick up the victory.