Young AEW Star Challenges Samoa Joe To Title Match Next Week

At AEW Worlds End, Samoa Joe defeated MJF to become the new AEW World Champion. Joe made a brief appearance on last week’s Dynamite but came prepared to deliver a full address on tonight’s Homecoming special. With a newly designed AEW World Championship flung over his shoulder, Joe laid out where his mind is at as the new champ.

“I was destined for this, and in light of that, tonight, we make some changes to the Championship challenging protocol,” he began. “You see, when you’re champion, you become a marked man, and this is a very dangerous environment. I heard even a devil who made a bad deal is looking for me. But we’re not worried about the devil tonight because if anybody runs things in Duval County, it’s Samoa Joe.

“So, in light of that, here are the changes that we’re making to the championship protocol. No more where you have to come out here and whine on this mic about your poor misfortune. No more we have to go on your social media and make little ho-ass comments. Nah, nah, you bring your record and your reputation, and you submit it to the championship committee.

“And if you’re deemed worthy, you get an express pass to walk that out right there, get in this ring and have me stomp your ass out in front of everybody who’s ever cheered for you. For the new championship era is here, and for all you who want a piece of me, your champion will be waiting.”

Following his comments, Swerve Strickland, flanked by Prince Nana and the Mogul Embassy, made his way to the ring to confront Joe. Strickland made it clear that it wasn’t personal with Joe, and he just wanted a chance to face him for the title. “Hangman” Adam Page was the next man to the ring, and the angry cowboy immediately got into Strickland’s face, making it clear he also had ambitions of winning the title. The two men eventually left the ring, and Joe began to wrap things up before FTW Champion HOOK’s music hit, and he came to the ring to get in the champion’s face.

HOOK held up a finger and told Joe, “One week.”

The commentary team noted that Joe was a marked man and on the verge of a short reign but fell short of confirming a match between the two men for next week’s AEW Dynamite.

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