Backstage AEW News On The Young Bucks Vs Sting & Darby Allin

AEW Dynamite: Homecoming went off the air with The Young Bucks returning to TV to confront “The Icon” Sting and Darby Allin. The tense staredown took place moments after Sting and Allin had picked up a win over Konsuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs in the main event. Tony Schiavone entered the ring following the win and asked Sting who his final opponent or opponents would be at AEW Revolution for his retirement match. Before he could answer, The Bucks’ music hit, leaving fans wondering if the two teams were set to collide.

Fightful reports that the active plan as of several weeks ago was for The Young Bucks to be Sting’s final opponents alongside Allin at AEW Revolution. They went on to note that Sting has had a lot of say regarding who would be his final opponent or opponents. Furthermore, he has been keen to do more tag team matches, as opposed to singles, which he has spoken about in the past. Also, Sting getting a proper send-off to his career has been a high priority for AEW President Tony Khan. Virtually anything Sting wants to do for his send-off or on the way to it, Khan is going to try to make it happen.

One “gift” that Khan gave Sting on the way to his retirement was WWE Hall of Fame inductee and long-time friend “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. As of now, it does not sound like Flair has been considered for any in-ring action as part of Sting’s send-off, but he has been actively pushing to do more physical spots.

The Bucks changing up their look with mustaches is said to be part of a shift in their presentation. It has previously been reported that The Bucks could return to AEW as part of a “Bucks Camp” stable that also includes Brandon Cutler and Colt Cabana. Cutler and Cabana were not seen on AEW Dynamite alongside The Bucks last night. However, Cutler did share the following on social media after the show was over.

“Reports are coming in,” he wrote. “Backstage morale has increased tremendously following the Young Bucks return. Sources close to the Young Bucks are saying hugs and high fives all around.”