MVP Jokes About ‘Rumors’ As Chris Jericho KO Story Spreads

Earlier this week, a story emerged from Chris Jericho’s Rock N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea – Part Deux back in January 2020 which involved Jericho and WWE’s MVP. Reportedly there was an incident between the two men where heated words were exchanged, though details on what exactly was said are currently unknown, before MVP eventually knocked Jericho out.

A second confrontation between the duo is said to have taken place in a hotel lobby in May of 2022, in which Jericho is said to have quickly hurried to the elevator after being confronted by MVP and yelled something about not fighting “jobbers” as the elevator doors closed.

Now, MVP has seemingly addressed the rumored story for the first time since it came to light. In a post to his X account yesterday, the former United States Champion jokingly asked fans if they had “heard any good rumors lately” accompanied by two emojis of a smirking and saluting face respectively.

Chris Jericho has had a turbulent few weeks both on and off-screen. The former AEW World Champion initially embroiled himself in drama when he got into a heated discussion with Stephen P. New, the lawyer of CM Punk and Ace Steel, over non-disclosure agreements regarding the backstage brawl following AEW All Out 2022. Days later, allegations against Jericho surfaced relating to former AEW star Kylie Rae, who appeared to lend some credence to the claims by responding with a heart emoji to an X thread summarising the allegations.

Since then, Jericho’s appearances on AEW programming have been mired by noticeably mixed reactions. At AEW Worlds End, he was heavily booed by the Long Island crowd and even met with “NDA” chants throughout his match on the pay-per-view. During his appearance on AEW Dynamite earlier this week, the company appeared to try and drown out another noticeably negative reaction by blasting Jericho’s entrance music throughout his entire appearance on the show.