Booker T Is Concerned By Recent Comments From Tony Khan

Tony Khan took pro wrestling fans off-guard this week when he got into it with the USA Network X account over a “cagematch” jab they took. The AEW President fired back with a few posts deriding Jinder Mahal, who recently returned to WWE TV and has shared screentime with The Rock and Seth “Freaking” Rollins. Mahal will face Rollins this Monday night on WWE Raw for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, something Khan vehemently took issues with.

On the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, former WWE and WCW World Champion Booker T gave his candid thoughts on the controversial tweets Khan issued earlier this week.

“That’s funny, man. I swear to God, that’s so funny to me being an insider, man,” he began. “Being a guy that has been in this business for more than thirty years and to hear someone like Tony Khan (laughs) talk about twenty-eight and one winning streak like, bro, come on, we all know what this business is. Okay? And then to throw Jinder Mahal; Jinder Mahal, let’s say this. Jinder Mahal is doing some of his best work. Okay?

“I mean, he’s believable. He’s playing a role. He’s being put in that position for a certain reason, to spark a certain reaction. And then if that pop, when The Rock came out didn’t solicit, you know, everything that I’m talking about, what the hell? You know what I mean? I’m serious. I’m serious. Because the pop Jinder Mahal, excuse me, The Rock got. It was because of Jinder Mahal had a huge part of that, you know what I mean?”

“You can’t knock the work and then to talk about, you know, a championship, you know, opportunity,” he continued. “We were just talking about that just yesterday, you know? Conor McGregor come back, he’s gonna get a title shot. Colby Covington come back and get a title shot. These guys, you don’t have to be a winner to get a title shot. You know?

“Especially in professional wrestling is all about the entertainment more than anything. I think for me, from my perspective, that’s the only thing it’s always been about as far as this business goes, the entertainment, and for Tony Khan really start to look at this business like that. It concerns me more than anything.”

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