Grayson Waller Nearly Gets Physical With TV Host In Tense Exchange

WWE’s next international Premium Live Event is on the horizon as the company is set to go down under for Elimination Chamber in Perth, Australia. In the lead-up to the huge show, which will be the first WWE event held in the country since 2019, various Australian stars like Rhea Ripley and Grayson Waller have made their way down under to promote the PLE across various local media outlets. Back in October, Haus of Wrestling exclusively learned that Ripley was being praised internally for the vast amount of Australian media promotion she had been doing for the event.

Ahead of the show next month, Waller and LA Knight have been doing the media rounds across the country as of late. Earlier today, they appeared on Sunrise, a breakfast news program, for a live interview that didn’t exactly go according to plan. As the interview was wrapping up, the show’s presenters asked Knight to hit his signature move on one of their floor managers who was supposedly leaving later that week.

Knight turned down the request but quickly passed it over to Waller. The floor manager in question then appeared on camera and started mockingly putting his fists up in Waller’s direction as John Cena’s entrance music began playing in the studio, a scenario Waller didn’t take kindly to at all.

“I don’t think you understand. If I come over there right now, we’re gonna have the police here because I’m not gonna give you some fake punch,” Waller exclaimed. “I’m gonna punch you straight in the jaw. The actual disrespect that you have even talking to me, you wanna talk to me like this ain’t real? Don’t act all tough, don’t act all tough. We don’t mess around with that stuff.”

Waller then turned his attention to Matt Shirvington, one of the show’s presenters, who he blasted for being disrespectful to both himself and Knight. He made it clear during his tirade, however, that he had no issue with the show’s other presenter Natalie Barr after she protested that she hadn’t tried to disrespect the duo.

“You too [Shirvington], you’re gonna come here and try to disrespect us, are you kidding me? You’re alright [Barr], we love you. No one thinks you’re tough [Shirvington], no one’s ever thought you’re tough.”

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