WWE Raw Heading To Netflix In Mult-Year, Multi-Million Dollar Deal

WWE Raw is routinely one of the most-watched shows on Monday nights, and the buzz around who will land the rights to it has been a hot topic of conversation. Among the possible suitors that have been bandied about include NBC Universal, which currently hosts the show on the USA Network, Amazon, Warner Brothers Discovery, and more. This morning, fans were given a huge update on where their favorite early-week pro wrestling content is headed.

Variety reports that WWE has struck a deal with Netflix that will see Raw begin to stream on its platform starting in January 2025. It was noted that this is the first time in three decades that the show will not air on a linear television network. The deal is said to be for ten years at $500 million per year, with an option for Netflix to opt out after five years or extend for another ten. For comparison, WWE Raw’s current deal with NBC Universal is said to be in the ballpark of $250 – $260 million per year. So, about half of what they will be getting going forward.

WWE’s current deal with NBC Universal sees Raw hosted on the USA Network until October of this year. Based on a source Variety spoke with, where WWE Raw will air between October 2024 and January 2025 is yet to be determined. As part of the deal, Netflix will become the home for WWE Raw in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Latin America, and more. Netflix will also become the home for all WWE shows outside of the United States, including, “fellow weekly shows “SmackDown” and “NXT” as well as annual live events like WrestleMania, SummerSlam and the Royal Rumble, as well as documentaries, original series and additional projects.”

“In its relatively short history, Netflix has engineered a phenomenal track record for storytelling,” said Nick Khan. “We believe Netflix, as one of the world’s leading entertainment brands, is the ideal long-term home for Raw’s live, loyal, and ever-growing fan base.”