Big E Reveals Something CM Punk Did That ‘Meant A Lot’ – Exclusive

CM Punk made his big return to the WWE at the 2023 WWE Survivor Series, mere months removed from his termination by AEW. In the weeks that have followed, Punk has largely kept his WWE antics to the microphone, outside of a few WWE Live event matches against Dominik Mysterio. This past Saturday night, Punk was one of the final two men left standing in the Men’s WWE Royal Rumble, which was ultimately won by Cody Rhodes.

At a WWE Royal Rumble Community Day event, during an interview with all three members of The New Day, Big E gave me his thoughts on CM Punk returning to WWE.

“Punk actually asked to work with me in 2013, a time in my career when I was floundering, when I was really close to being either sent back down to developmental or fired,” he began. “And a lot of times, especially in that day and time, a lot of guys on top weren’t necessarily looking out for younger guys like me. So that meant a lot to me.

“So it’s been a pleasure to see him back. As far as I’m concerned, he’s been really great for my career. He’s meant a lot to me and checked in when I broke my neck as well. So I have a ton of respect for Punk, and I salute him and hope he has an incredible run here in WWE.”

Unfortunately, it does not sound as if CM Punk’s WWE run is going incredibly well. Punk has reportedly torn his tricep and is leaning toward undergoing surgery. If that does take place, he will need several months to recover and will likely be out of the WWE WrestleMania 40 main event.

The member of The New Day that has the most history with Punk is Kingston. Punk and Kingston wrestled in more than fifty matches together in WWE, both as opponents and partners. Notably, the two stars captured the WWE Tag Team Championships from Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton on the November 5, 2008, episode of WWE Raw.

“Every time I see him, like, come around the corner, I just start seizing,” Kingston beamed. “Because nobody ever thought he would be back. I mean, like, just the level of animosity between him and the company was suggesting he would never return here. And lo and behold, here he is. I think we’re in a very special time with WWE right now where anything is possible, and they’re giving the people what they want.

“LA Knight, they wanted them on top, they got LA Knight in the main event, they wanted CM Punk, they got CM Punk over here, you know what I’m saying? Like, so, it’s really exciting, especially being that it’s Rumble season right now. And last year, the bar was set by Mickie James coming here from TNA; WHAT?! Forbidden doors, cross promotions. It’s crazy to even say that, you know, so it’s an interesting time.”

It is worth noting that Impact Wrestling Knockout’s Champion Jordynne Grace made her WWE debut in the Women’s WWE Royal Rumble match one day after Kingston’s comments.

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