Big Update On Jacob Fatu And His Contractual Status

With The Bloodline down to just three active members after Jey Uso’s departure from the faction, some have wondered if the group’s ranks could be replenished by dipping into the extensive talent pool of the Anoa’i family – much like WWE did when they brought Solo Sikoa into the fold back in 2022. Perhaps the most notable member of the family who isn’t currently signed to WWE is Jacob Fatu, a cousin of Roman Reigns and both the Uso brothers, who has been making his name in MLW over the last few years.

Since signing with the promotion in 2019, Fatu has since gone on to become one of its top stars. Most notably, he is the longest-reigning MLW World Heavyweight Champion in history, holding the title from July 2019 all the way until October 2021 for an astonishing 819-day reign overall. More recently, he debuted for New Japan Pro-Wrestling at Battle In The Valley last month where he, Fred Rosser, and Shota Umino were victorious in a six-man tag team match over Team Filthy.

Fatu last appeared for MLW at their 2024 Superfight pay-per-view where he took on Japanese wrestling legend Yuji Nagata. After defeating Nagata, Fatu was set upon by the returning Contra Unit, the faction he played a hand in founding, now led by Mads Krugger. After being overwhelmed by Krugger and the Sentai Death Squad, Fatu was eventually incapacitated after being struck with a war club – leading to speculation regarding his future in the promotion.

During a Signed By Superstars virtual signing ahead of the pay-per-view, Fatu confirmed that his appearance at SuperFight was his final date with MLW.

“Tonight [MLW SuperFight] is the final match [for MLW]. Tonight is the final match, against [Yuji] Nagata. Philadelphia has been home to me within the past, what, six years?”

The 31-year-old’s future is unclear now that he’s a free agent, however, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has previously discussed on his podcast that he is attempting to get Fatu signed with WWE.

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