Brutus Creed Tells The Origin Story Of His ‘Brutus Ball’ – Exclusive

The Creed Brothers, made up of Julius and Brutus Creed, burst onto the WWE NXT scene in 2021 as members of Roderick Strong’s The Diamond Mine. They quickly made a name for themselves as a team to watch, and it comes as no surprise that the duo is now on the main roster competing for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships. One of the moves that helped the team go viral and find a new audience was Brutus’ infamous “Brutus Ball,” which featured him doing a cannonball from the top rope to the outside.

In a Haus of Wrestling exclusive interview from the WWE Royal Rumble media junket, I asked Brutus how dangerous the move was when he used to jump outside the ring.

“In all fairness, I haven’t ever gotten hurt,” he said with a laugh. “No one’s gotten too hurt during it. It knocks them out and knocks them down.”

Now that the brothers are on the main roster, they have incorporated Brutus’ cannonball leap into their finisher. Brutus now jumps off the top rope onto an opponent sitting on Julius’ shoulders in the ring, like the Doomsday Device. The younger Creed told me they made the adjustment because the Brutus Ball just looked more devastating when done this way. He then took me on a trip down memory lane, relaying the origin story of the move.

“I was at the Performance Center, training, trying to get better,” he recalled. “We were practicing dives. I said, ‘What if this was my dive?’ Jokingly, laughingly, I hit a Brutus Ball, and my brother and I were laughing, okay? Come Stand & Deliver a few months later, I was the biggest guy in the match. I said, ‘I’m gonna dive on these guys.’ And it ended up being the Brutus Ball.

“I dove on three people. I think it was Wesley, Marcel, and, I want to say, Nash Carter. After I hit it, I threw one in the ring, and I got back in the back and Triple H said, ‘That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.’ From there, I go, ‘Okay, now we’re gonna make it a finish.'”

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