Rick Bassman Hosting ‘Wrestling With Cancer’ Live Show Tomorrow

Haus of Wrestling has received the following from notable pro wrestling trainer and manager Rick Bassman regarding a Wrestling With Cancer live podcast recording taking place this Saturday.

This Saturday, we’re doing a live YouTube show called “Wrestling With Cancer.” An incredible group has come together for this, with the goal of imparting strength and hope to anyone facing their own battle with cancer or, really, struggling with any major challenge for which they could use inspiration.

Gathering together this Saturday, February 10 at 5:30p Pacific / 8:30p Eastern, are:

  • Rick “Black Bart” Harris
  • Darnell “BLK Jeez” Kittrell
  • Erica “Jungle Grrrl” Porter
  • Patricia “Sunny” Summerland
  • Sean “The Cancer Fighter” Wachter

I’ve had the privilege to get to know each of these amazing people and have found that to a person, each is super-candid and relatable and wide open to sharing their struggle and what they’ve learned as they battle cancer and kick its ass.

Further, each is a big, entertaining personality in their own right, and while you may not automatically put the words “cancer” and “fun” together, I’m confident that anyone who joins this live event, in addition to getting inspired, is going to have a great time.