Bruce Prichard Distances Himself From Vince McMahon Scandal

Days before the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble, allegations stemming from a lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant began to become public. Among Grant’s allegations, she claims Vince McMahon took advantage of her during a vulnerable time in her life, eventually leading her down the path to being sex trafficked to WWE executives and talent. The Wall Street Journal, which broke the news, identified Brock Lesnar as one of the unnamed talents, and John Laurinitis is explicitly named in the suit. Other names were redacted and unconfirmed, including four yet-to-be-identified WWE executives.

On the latest episode of Something To Wrestle With, WWE Executive Producer Bruce Prichard was asked to give his thoughts on the allegations laid out in Grant’s lawsuit.

“Well, first of all, as far as lawsuits and things of that nature, I’m not at liberty to discuss any legal matters with the company whatsoever,” he began. “So, to that, there’s nothing that I can say and/or do. So, there can’t be a response from a legal standpoint, and you can ask till you’re blue in the face, and that’s going to be your answer. I’m not involved, not being sued. I’m not accused of anything, and nor, yeah, it’s a, it’s a legal matter.

“And as I’ve said to you, you know, sometimes it is as simple as for those who believe, no explanation’s needed; for those that don’t, no explanation will do. And that’s kind of where we are, and let the rest of it sit in the hands of the fine legal system that we have here in the United States of America.”

Conrad Thompson, Prichard’s co-host, continued to speak about how Prichard still works for WWE and said it was understandable that he was not able to comment further on the matter.

“No one told me not to do anything on the podcast other than the simple fact that I work for a company that is involved in a lawsuit right now. Can’t comment,” Prichard chimed in. “If you work in a large company and your large company is being sued, then there’s very little that you can say about it. And if you do, that’s a good way for you to lose your job.”

Interestingly, former WWE and UFC star Ronda Rousey recently had the following to say on social media about Prichard. He has yet to respond to her comments.

“Bruce Prichard is basically Vince’s avatar; if he’s still around, Vince still has a hand in the business,” she wrote. “Vince was still running things through Bruce when he was ‘gone’ before”

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