Another TNA Office Shake-Up Following Scott D’Amore Exit – Exclusive

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This past week, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, owners of TNA, formally Impact Wrestling, announced that it had terminated Scott D’Amore. In his place, Anthony Cicione was named President of the company, although he is light on actual pro wrestling management experience. In 2017, D’Amore and current AEW talent Don Callis were named co-executive vice presidents under Ed Nordholm, who served as President. Callis left Impact to sign with AEW in 2021, leaving D’Amore the lone EVP before being named President of Impact Wrestling a little less than a year ago. Nordholm remained active with TNA under D’Amore’s leadership.

Haus of Wrestling has confirmed with multiple sources that while still an executive for Anthem Sports & Entertainment, Nordholm is also no longer actively working on the TNA brand. Nordholm still serves as an executive for Anthem but is no longer working with TNA. He was on the video call to talent and staff announcing D’Amore’s departure and Cicione’s promotion but was only present in his Anthem executive capacity.

Those that we spoke with described Nordholm as someone who was regularly by D’Amore’s side, as the two were very close. One source indicated to Haus of Wrestling that the decision was made for Nordholm to cease his work with TNA several weeks ago, likely around when the wheels were put in motion for D’Amore’s exit. We have also been told that Nordholm is no longer working on the sports side of Anthem, in general.

As Haus of Wrestling previously reported, when talent was made aware of D’Amore’s departure, they were told they could have talks about being released behind closed doors. As of now, Haus of Wrestling has not learned of any talent asking for their release. We should know more about the situation following the upcoming TNA TV tapings.