Randy Orton On Vince McMahon Allegations: ‘It Hurts My Heart’

WWE has continued to distance itself from Vince McMahon ever since accusations of sexual abuse, exploitation, trafficking and more were made against him by former employee Janel Grant in a lawsuit last month. Despite continually denying any wrongdoing, McMahon resigned from his position as Executive Chairman of TKO Group Holdings – though the move reportedly came after direct pressure from both TKO CEO Ari Emanuel and COO Mark Shapiro.

Various figures across the wrestling industry have since given their thoughts on the horrific allegations made against McMahon. Most damning among them was Bret Hart who, in an interview earlier this month, compared McMahon’s legacy to that of Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein and proclaimed that he now has “absolutely zero respect” for him. Now another big figure in the industry has given their thoughts on the situation.

In a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Orton was asked about working in the new era of WWE without McMahon. The Viper admitted that while McMahon has had a profound impact on his career, it hurt him severely to read about what the former WWE Chairman is alleged to have done.

“I’ve got to say this–I wouldn’t be where I am without Vince McMahon taking a chance on me a handful of times,” said Orton. “I would not be where I am today without Vince McMahon. But, f—, I’m reading this sh–. What you’ve seen and read, I’ve seen and read. As far as commenting on that, it f—— hurts my heart. It hurts my heart.”

However, Orton went on to express his confidence in the direction of WWE moving forward, pointing specifically to the leadership of both Nick Khan and Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque as positive signs for the future.

“So much happened while I was out,” said Orton. “When I left, the old guard was still doing its thing. Vince was still around. TV’s were getting rewritten over and over again. The writers were being held up until all hours in the morning. And all that changed.

I am excited to work for WWE. Nick Khan is amazing. Triple H being in charge of creative is amazing. I’ve had a relationship with him for over 20 years. I went to his wedding back in ‘03. We’ve been at odds before when I was a f— up when I was young, and I won him back. He’s seen me go from an adolescent assh— prick who didn’t know what I was doing–I was an insecure punk, that’s what I was. I’m the oldest sibling in my family, but he’s like an older brother to me in many ways. He’s always been there and had the best of advice.”