John Cena Provides Update On His WWE WrestleMania XL Status

WWE WrestleMania XL is just a few weeks away and yet, despite his long-running history with the event and WWE as a whole, John Cena does not appear to have a spot on The Show of Shows this year. At last year’s WrestleMania in Los Angeles, Cena unsuccessfully challenged Austin Theory for the United States Championship in what was his first appearance at the event since battling Bray Wyatt at 2020’s WrestleMania 36.

While speaking on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last week, Cena first broached the idea of a potential appearance at the 40th annual WrestleMania. While he stated that his schedule is free on April 6th, when the first night of the event will take place, he played coy on whether he’s locked in to appear as of yet. Now, however, the 16-time world champion has given a more definite answer.

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, the topic of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson competing at the event came up. This led Barrymore to presume that Cena would also be in attendance as a result, an idea that he was forced to shoot down as he revealed he hadn’t been asked about attending this year’s WrestleMania yet.

“I’m kind of waiting for my invite, unfortunately,” Cena admitted. “I don’t have a prom date, I have no one to go to the prom with so I haven’t been asked to go yet. But that’s okay! That’s alright I’m very excited that you’re going [Drew]. Dwayne, I’m very excited that you’re going. I have not yet found a golden ticket in my chocolate bar so I guess I got to keep eating chocolate bars to find the golden ticket.”

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